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Welcome to Mind The Gap Theatre - NYC's premiere British theatre
bringing you the best new plays from the UK since 1999

With our dedicated and talented acting company, our goal is to build a theatrical bridge between NY and the UK. Have a butcher's around the site and see what we're all about.


Celebrity Endorsements


Dame Helen Mirren

Advisory Board

"Mind The Gap Theatre fosters exciting new talent from both sides of the Atlantic.  I applaud their vision."


Look who else

Minds The Gap!

Ian McKellen

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Our Mission

Mind The Gap Theatre exists to find, read, evaluate, develop and ultimately produce new British theatrical writing in New York City. While our focus is on presenting new British works, with a company of mad talented actors and playwrights from BOTH sides of the pond, we occasionally like to show off what the Yanks in our company can do by taking a new American play to the UK.

We are eager to read and present plays from all over the British Isles to achieve a level of regional, ethnic and gender diversity.

After being read and critiqued by at least two members of the committee, up to 25 short plays per year will be showcased in our BRITBITS series in New York City.

The ultimate goal of Mind The Gap is not merely to present readings, workshops and short plays but to bring to life the highest quality productions. It is our goal to present 1-3 new full-length productions in New York City each year and showcase one new American play at a UK venue or festival.

We are very interested in co-productions and in transferring smaller plays with theatrical producing partners in the UK.

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